Compétences : ACD copywriter (native speaker), ideas, digital campaigns, content, shoots, scripts, videos, branding, brand vision, TV, radio, B2B, B2C.

Agences : BETC, Ogilvy, Publicis, Marcel, Y&R, TBWA, Herezie, SapientRazorFish (NY), Digitas, Isobel (London), Cubo (NY), CreativeFeed (Paris/ NY), etc.

Marques : Heineken, Cartier, Adidas, Renault, Nissan, Dacia, Mondelēz, Nestlé, Nescafé, BNP, Danone, Volvic, Orange, Coca Cola, Dove, Neutrogena, Garnier, Palmlive, Colgate, MTV, American Express, Tribeca Film Fest, US Open, etc.

Wes Anderson meets a Russian beauty ad to show the silly mistakes women can make trying to look good. Thanks to Colgate’s Safe Whitening, you can’t go wrong with a whiter smile. Shot it in Oslo with the wonderful director, Marie Kristiansen.

Strawberry vanilla, chocolate, blackberry and coconut. Yum. To introduce Palmolive’s Gourmet Shower Gel range, we show that they smell so good you’re almost tempted to eat it. But don’t!

Trojan’s XOXO condoms
In parts of the US today, there’s still a stigma about a women a carrying a condom. So when Trojan asked us to create a campaign to address this, we decided to talk to women in an open, honest and empowering way. To tune out the noise and listen to their ‘inner voice’ to know the real answer because that’s the only voice that matters. The campaign got noticed, got written up in the New York Times and XOXO is a big seller.

Big hair, massive shoulder pads, garish colours. What were we thinking! Looking back at old photos of our school days can make us cringe but at least with Colgate Max Whitening our brighter smile never looks dated. Tiny budget, big winner, very rewarding be a part of (2 Cannes Lions 2018).

Tullamore Dew
Being Irish, I was asked to bring a bit of the ‘auld country’ into the campaign. Whiskey needs water and since Ireland is famous for it’s rain, no wonder we’re famous for our whiskey too.

Act Responsible
Before I won at Cannes, my work was plastered all over Cannes in 2013. ACT asked Publicis to do a campaign to highlight creative campaigns for social causes. I went one step further to show how ad agencies only do this kind of ‘charity’ work to win awards.

This Loi Evin is no fun. The brief was ‘Man of the world’ but sorry you can’t show a man! Huh?! So we came up with ways to highlight the famous H bottle in a human, ‘Mad Men-ish’ kind of way.

It was for Italy and at the time you could get away with a lot. We pushed the titles, visuals as much as we could. Ironic, irreverent and a little crazy. This would never be done today…maybe that’s why it’s still one of my fav campaigns.